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        My name is Mason Pysell (pie-CELL). I go by Dr. Rubisco  (roo-BISS-coe) online, but my friends call me Doc. I hail from small towns in the Southeastern United States (hey, y'all!) but I always dreamed of making it in the big city.

I started block coding at age 11, and instantly fell in love. Just a few months later, I was writing console applications in C++! 
I've been coding ever since, and I enjoy every minute of it. I can't wait to see where my passion takes me next!

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Video Games
3D Art
Graphic Design

Amateur Radio
Cellular Automata
Book Collecting
Virtual Reality


Team Morale is the only thing more important than the project itself.

Spend time to make tools, so you spend less time on each task.

Math and Science are the best backend for any video game

Make games that give you a fresh experience each time you play.

Want me on your project?
Gimme a shout!

Want me on your project?
Gimme a shout!

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